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Fore G

We are a trap band consisting of two artists Lil Cashy and Narsty Kid We performed at the Ongea Summit and we good at guitar and any kind of beat We sing in English and we decided to try our…

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Nafsi healing band

Denkez Factorsson is the founding member of Nafsi healing band and afrofused soulful hip-hop music (ASHmusic) sub genre of hip-hop; we use soft voice and soulful Rhythm and poetry in our songs using authentic African sounds in harmony with Rhythmical…

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We go by the name "SDP", we're a group of three youngsters aged twenty two and nineteen, individually named Dwayne (22), Sean (22) and David (19). We love making music. Most of our work is focused on Hip-Hop, though we're…

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