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Udulele John

Udulele John

Multi-instrumentalist-Songwriter-Soundscape Designer @Bengatronics Sound & System

@2020, Udulele John is a Singer/Songwriter and Pioneer of Soulful Benga, a soundscape that is currently applied to most of his recordings at the Bengatronics Studio based in Nairobi , Kenya. Udu as most people call him , also have extensive experience of solo acoustic performance along East Africa.

2018 Continental Amb. to Africa, WorldWide Musicians United-San Francisco U.S.A and co-founder at WIBO Culture movement- an experimental, self-evolving art initiative that envisions an open and connected global community through culture and the creative arts.

Former Bassist with Mutinda-winner of 2011 world musician songwriting competition, co-founder of Bengatronic[a music collective]-experimental of benga and electronic music that is currently sweeping across festivals in East Africa. Percussionist and among the founders of AbakiSimba Troupe- the Kenyan music group with a collection of various percussive instruments from around Kenya and Kaya Collective-ensemble of different musicians around the world and guitarist who brings a Soulful benga aesthetic to his works

His choice of music can be described as full of SOULFUL BENGA blended with a layer of
percussive sounds from the diversity of African instrumentation.

His style has been described as “prodigy ” meaning; digging and unearthing underground sound and transform them into a new expression. Others also consider his formats as “afrofuturism” out of his style of presenting music in futuristic formats through a platform/event that he co-founded known as Afro -Futurist Vibration at the Alchemist bar in Nairobi Kenya, and blending folk and pop with electronic (dance) music.

In 2013/2014, he performed with different groups in Zanzibar, Dar e Salam, Kampala, Arusha
and Nairobi.

In 2015, his performances have seen him tour Arusha, Jinja, Kampala,and Daresalam , in addition to headlining the EABL Shekereka Tafrija promotion launch at Bufet Park, Nairobi. He has shared stage with german Dj Duo schlachthofbronx and the Jimmy Hendrix of Kora, Sekou Kouyate from Guinea at Up Life IV and Joss Stone. Also music director and producer of the bengatronics collective, an outfit that is discovering, reworking and publishing the future sound of Benga music.

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