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We go by the name “SDP”, we’re a group of three youngsters aged twenty two and nineteen, individually named Dwayne (22), Sean (22) and David (19).
We love making music.
Most of our work is focused on Hip-Hop, though we’re very diverse in our craft, we can make other genres.
Sean plays the guitar.
I Dwayne and my brother David we’re raised in Valencia, Spain, so we rap in Spanish in most of our tracks, and Sean was raised in Atlanta, Georgia.

We started our music career almost three years ago.

It all started in 2015, when I Dwayne and my brother David went to a church to play soccer. At the time we didn’t know Sean. David saw Sean playing basketball by himself and went ahead to introduce himself and get him to join us for soccer.
We introduced ourselves and became good buddies.

After the game, David, Sean and I walked back home together talking and getting to know each other. At the end of our walk Sean asked if our mom was named Rose …

David and I stared at each other wondering, “how does he know?”
So he invited us over for dinner at his house after a couple of days and little did we know his mom was also named Rose, and his mom and our mom we’re best buddies in primary, so we instantly clicked.

As time passed we realized we liked the same type of music, so we wanted to make some. So I Dwayne got into production at home with a phone, literally, and started teaching myself how to make beats.
We didn’t have a laptop at the time.
I would share the beats with David and Sean and they would rap on them (without a microphone)

In 2017 a local Hip-Hop artist called us for a studio session in his area, so we went.
We had never recorded with a studio microphone ever before, so i would say our first track in the session was kinda bad.

The artist thought it was a great piece of work, he called us for a second session and we went.
This time we recorded our track SEE with our first music video out on YouTube which did pretty well for our first time getting over 12.000 views.
We were invited for shows and auditions after it’s release.
In 2018 we released our second track called “SEE NOW”, getting over 30k + views.

Sean got a job at NRG radio as a presenter, and from there our tracks were on rotation.

Our recent project is called “BORICUA” and it’s out on YouTube.

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