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Nairobi Horns Project

Nairobi Horns Project

The Nairobi Horns Project (NHP) is a group from Nairobi, Kenya that brings together musicians bonded by the love for new music and committed to building a sound around horns in African and contemporary music. Our sound is influenced by our love for Jazz, African rhythms, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Electronic music. What was conceived as a three-member commercial for-hire horn section whose members have worked on music TV shows, concerts, recordings and tours has since grown into a complete live act, and one of Kenya’s most sought after and innovative live acts.

Our body of works includes our very first EP Kipepeo (which in Swahili language means Butterfly) released in 2017 and our debut album, Black in Gold (2019), a celebration of African privilege that narrates our story through music on this very rich and diverse culture.

In addition to our very own music, we have been working on the Modern Kenyan Classics Project; we have been rerecording interpretations of Kenyan music we grew up listening to from the 90s and 2000s, and giving them a new voice. A new personality.

As a social concern, Nairobi Horns Project uses music as a platform to engage young people in conversations and activities geared towards curating skills and knowledge, influencing opinions and nurturing values.

We have had an opportunity to showcase our work at one of Africa’s biggest jazz platforms –The Joy of Jazz festival in Johannesburg (September,2018) as well as here at home in Kenya. In Kenya, we have performed at Safaricom International Jazz Festival, Sauti Sol Afrikan Tour, Afrolect Jazz Festival, May Day Concert and Koroga Festival.

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