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Enoque Wambua

Enoque Wambua

Enoque Wambua is a soulful Afro-Centric singer, songwriter and performer with his passion deeply rooted at age 13 when he started learning how to play the guitar. His music is a love sharing stimulant intended to spark and ignite appreciation of the beautiful African culture and the appreciation of its role in our day to day lives.

He first came into the music scene in 2014 as a background vocalist for Sarabi band. During this time, he got to work and learn from some of the most renowned Kenyan artists like Juliani, Dela and Eric Wainaina. After that he set out to find a voice of his own and make a stamping in the music industry. Together with his high school friends, they put up Lots of Love the band in which he was the lead vocalist and got to play around Nairobi at shows like; Sondeka Festival 2015, Wangari Maathai Tribute concert, Cake Art Affair and their own ‘The Dream’ Concert. The band is highly acclaimed for their hit singles Love, Count and Beautifine which received notable airplay around the country. His dream of making great music and progressing in his career continued in 2017 as he branched out to push his own brand and music, working on his debut album dubbed ‘Thoughts of my heart’. This album details Enoque’s musical journey. His fans get to listen and see his perspective of life, his story and what he sees around him.

“I’ll Stay” one of the singles off his album received noticeable airplay and got nominated in the Pulse Music Video Awards 2018.

His live performance is an experience of great energy and soulfulness. He has played at Engage Kenya 2019, Live at the Elephant 2019 alongside Eric Wainaina, Nairobi Jam at the Goethe Institute in Kenya 2020 and also self-hosted shows.
Enoque Wambua believes in telling the African story with inspiration from the great musicians like Bob Marley, Jonathan Butler, Lokua Kanza and Chronnix. His music is also inspired by his notion that ‘The world will heal when the healing starts from an individual, from self’. He continues to channel this into his music aiming for the heart so as to connect with his fans and anyone who comes into contact with his music on soulful levels.

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